Mountain biking

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits

Who for?

Unlike road cycling, mountain biking requires a little bit more skill, but it isn’t just for experts, it is one of the best ways to enjoy cycling.

Whether you are an expert or amateur, you can enjoy our routes, customised for you and your friends.


Mountain biking is one of the most enjoyable activities, and you can do it in the Parque Natural de la Marjal Pego-Oliva. We customise the route for you and your team with stops in typical restaurants to enjoy the local food, and accommodation in hotels and rural houses.


Oliva, Valencia

Comarcas Centrales

French and Spanish Pyrenees




Mountain biking routes avaliable to reserve

Mountain biking routes avaliable to reserve

"Tracks&Trails" route

Tracks and Trails MTB Tours is a perfect way to get to know the most hidden and beautiful corners of the Central Comarcas, starting from the sea to discover trails, tracks and paths that lead us to inland areas.

An unknown paradise for cyclists and where we had the pleasure of receiving Ismael Ventura or Emil Lindgren, among others.

In addition, Alberto Contador has decided to set here the fate of its Grand Fund and Medium Fund.

"Nature tour bike" route

A mixture of sport and nature through the unknown Pego-Oliva Marjal Natural Park.

A place in constant change in each of the seasons of the year, so the route in autumn-winter or spring-summer will give us a completely unknown image of the environment.

To end this route by bike suitable for all ages, we will have a coffee or soft drink in the Font Salada or Ullal del Burro.

"BiBeBu" route

Discover the sunset in a different way in a journey through the mountains and the Pego-Oliva Marjal Natural Park.

Route between orange trees and rice fields to end on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a dinner at the Oli-Ba-Ba Beach Club.

A route to be able to enjoy with friends, co-workers, as a family or meet new friends on the road.

Every rider needs to let off steam and you can do that with us. The creators of TnT de les Valls, rated as one of the hardest routes in Spain and TnT del Parcs a family route that runs through the wetlands of Oliva and Pego.

We know what you need to have the best fun. We mix local gastronomy with leisure activities. That will give you an unforgettable experience and a great stay with us.

Most of our routes, start in Oliva although we want to show you the area of the Central Regions of Valencia so we sometimes use a transfer to take you and your bike to the starting point.

Our area is characterized by the unusual labyrinthine paths and tracks through fields and forests where you can find all of the different types of stones from around the world in the same area.

This variety of terrain makes Spain a MTB Paradise, where you will find a lot of the oldest rock paintings from the Mediterranean area and Moorish castles.

Oliva has eleven kilometres for soft white sand on the Mediterranean coast and La Restinga, one of the wildest dune fields in the Valencian Community and the wetlands of the Marjal Pego-Oliva National Park.

Our Mountain biking routes

Our Mountain biking routes


TnT de les Valls

TnT de les Baronies

TnT del Benicadell

TnT de Castells

TnT dels Cavallers Negres

TnT de la Conovesta

TnT del Duc

TnT dels Estels

TnT Kids

TnT del Neolitic

TnT dels Parcs

TnT del Rebollet




























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