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Hiking is the connecting path between sport, nature and what is left of a past culture that has lasted in our region for more than 700 years.

Routes that will transport us in time while we enjoy the mountain or the natural parks of our community.


In this activity the level is linked to the steepness of the route, but the pace will always be appropriate for the whole group to enjoy the landscapes, fauna and the journey.


Oliva, Valencia
Central Regions

Hiking routes

"Esencias Andalusíes" route

The route crosses the old domain of the Vizier Al-Azraq, also known as “El Blau”. This route combines hiking with the remains of the Andalusian culture and the gastronomy that has lasted over time.

An exceptional route, suitable for all audiences, that runs through one of the most beautiful valleys of our region. We will go through small forests of oaks and pines, ruins of the splendor of a past age and dreamy landscapes.

This route is made in very small groups so you can fully enjoy your experience.

Oliva is located on the Mediterranean coast, with eleven kilometres of soft white sand, La Restinga, one of the wildest dune ranges in the region of Valencia, and the wetlands of the Marjal Pego-Oliva Natural Park. But towards the interior we have a mountainous strip of more than 100 km in length. It is an area that was populated by Muslims from 711 until their expulsion in 1609, who had different names while they were here, like:


Name given to the Christians who lived in the territories ruled by the Muslims after the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711.


Name given to the Christians who converted to Islam after the Muslim conquest in 711.



Name given to the Muslims who remained in the territories occupied by the Christians during the period of re-conquest.


Name given to the Muslims who remained in Spain once the Christian conquest of all the peninsular territories was finished.

All this has permeated its people, landscapes and flavours making the central regions in the community of Valencia an incomparable neck of the woods. With hiking you will find the perfect way to get to know it all.

Routes along ancient paths, with ice wells, abandoned Moorish settlements, castles, forests of holm oaks and pines, combined with typical dishes that have lasted from ancient times.

Our hiking routes


Ruta de Al-Azraq

Ruta del Castellet

Rutas Valles y Castillos

Ruta Castillo de

Cim de Covatelles

6800 escalones

Oliva urban trail

Ruta del neolítico

TnT de les valls


9,3 km

8,3 km

17,8 km

10,5 km

16,5 km

13,8 km

7,3 km

21,2 km

200 km


400 mts

510 mts

905 mts

560 mts

572 mts

861 mts

245 mts

682 mts

8000 mts

Maximum height

853 mts

1039 mts

905 mts

905 mts

347 mts

605 mts

95 mts

984 mts

1104 mts


3 hours

3 hours

Fom 5,5 to 6 hours

3,5 hours

5 hours

4,5 hours

2,5 hours

From 6 to 7 hours

4 days trail version

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