Hiking routes that will transport us back in time


Hiking routes that will transport us back in time

For who?

Backpacking, just as we do in other disciplines, we try to adapt the routes as much as possible. Although on walking routes it is a little more difficult than on bicycle routes, we always manage to satisfy our clients’ requests to the maximum.

Proof of this are our Andalusian Essences, The 6800 Steps and La Serra dels Bandolers routes where history, culture and gastronomy come together with unexpected landscapes to create unique experiences.



  • Oliva, Valencia
  • Central Regions


In this activity the level is linked to the slope of the route, but the pace will always be adequate for the entire group to enjoy the landscapes, the fauna and the route.

We have routes from 2 and a half hours long to the most extreme 4-day trail version.

Some of our hiking routes

Routes up to 3.5h
Routes up to 7h
Trail 4 days

Andalusian Essences Activity



Back Road activity - road cycling


The route runs through the former domain of Vizier Al-Azraq, also known as “El Blau”. This route combines hiking with the remains of the Andalusian culture and gastronomy that has endured over time.

An exceptional route, suitable for all audiences, that runs through one of the most beautiful valleys in our region. We will cross small forests of oaks and pines, ruins of the splendor of a bygone age and dreamlike landscapes.

This route is done in very small groups so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

hiking route 6800 steps

If there is a place full of legends, history and Moorish traces of our ancestors, this is the route of the 6800 Steps. One of its last bastions before its expulsion in 1609.

hiking route the pas dels bandolers

The Pas dels Bandolers is a spectacular route through the Sierra de Bernia, which is undoubtedly one of the most complete hiking routes with the best views in the Valencian geography.

Its northern slope, steep, green, cold and with high walls, contrasts with the southern slope, warm and with red walls.




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