Find the Captain Track´s treasure

Geocaching is the classic treasure hunt adapted to 21st century GPS technology.
This activity mixes sport and leisure, suitable for all audiences, which for centuries has been known as “treasure hunt”, but with some new features. The first is of a technological nature: it is carried out with the help of GPS technology and the second, the fun that lies in finding the treasures in their coordinates. If we add to this a natural or cultural environment within the city, we are adding a third, which is the component of adventure and fun.


The levels in the geocaching or “treasure hunt” can reside both in the riddles and dilemmas of the tracks, and in the orographic difficulty of the terrain where the tracks or geocaches are located. Both are adapted to the group for which the activity is carried out.


Natural Park of the Marjal Pego Oliva (Oliva).
La Retura (Vall d’alcalá)
El Carritxar (Oliva)

Since 2014, when we started this adventure, hundreds of people from different countries and cultures have passed through our GPS’s, but with a common denominator, the desire to spend a fun day in the skin of a pirate captain or Indiana Jones himself.

The “treasure hunt” varies totally when the activity is carried out at night, when we´re helped only with our headlamps and the GPS it becomes even more if possible a fun adventure, where the fauna changes and the passage of the rivers in the dark pass to be quite a challenge. In conclusion, pure fun.

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