Big events

Gran fondo Alberto Contador and Mallorca 312

Big events

Gran fondo Alberto Contador and Mallorca 312

If there is something that makes us proud, it is belonging to the technical team of these two great events that grow year after year in quality and participants. They are events in which you are in the shadows, since the protagonists are you. Those cyclists who do a thousand and one adventures to be able to make time for family, work and the thousand other things that always have to be done, but when the time comes to give it their all, you meet the challenge.

We, the technical team of these events, are part of you, we are:

  • Those of us who pose the challenge to you.
  • Those of us who created the tour.
  • Those of us who do it to see if it is viable.
  • Those of us who look for the most beautiful places so you can enjoy the landscape.
  • Those of us who clean the roads.
  • Those of us who give you the signs.
  • Those of us who ensure your safety.
  • Those of us who open and close our careers.
  • Those of us who pick up the damaged ones.
  • Those of us who coordinate the supplies.

And many more things that are not seen but that make you be at the event, already thinking about next year.

And if something characterizes the entire 312 Bike & Tours team to which Tracks and Pedals belongs, it is that, like you, we have saddle calluses and the war wounds of not sitting at home on the couch, even though we need it.

Gran fondo alberto contador
mallorca 312




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