Responsible statement

1.- By the mere fact of hiring a Tracks And Pedals service that takes place in the natural environment and / or implies a physical activity, I assume that, due to the characteristics of these activities, and because they are carried out in a natural environment, they can not be exempt from a certain risk.
2.- I declare to be in psychophysical conditions necessary for the practice of the activities I contract, and, in the event that the activity is guided, I undertake to obey the instructions or orders of the monitors, guides or instructors of the activity to which it means. Women, in case of being or believing to be pregnant, we must communicate it to the guide.
3.-I agree not to be under the effects of relaxing, exciting or hallucinogenic substances, on the date when the contracted activities are developed.
4.- I declare to be aware of the route / route or activity that I am going to carry out, and I declare that the person in charge of the activity has communicated to me the development of the same, safety measures, respect for the environment, necessary material for the activity and physical requirements.
5.- I declare to know and accept the following rules:

5.1.- The user will be duly informed of the activity to be carried out, in order to have the conviction that this activity is the one he really wants, and is appropriate to his personal characteristics. For example, in the case of aquatic activities, it is necessary and obligatory to know how to swim.
5.2.- The user will arrive at the activities sufficiently in advance to solve any unforeseen or need. The accumulation of small delays directly and negatively affects safety, harmony in the group and good development of the activity.
5.3.- The user will notify those responsible for the activities of any incident that occurred during the trip to it (physical, mental or material), although they may seem insignificant, such as dizziness from the trip, weakness due to a bad breakfast, etc. And it will warn the organization in case of being with medication of substances that can alter their habitual aptitudes.
5.4.- The user will pay attention to the indications prior to the activity provided by the organization. Especially with regard to standards, protective equipment and safety. The equipment for the development of the activities are not gaming instruments, and its good use will make the activity much more pleasant and safe.

5.5.- The user will deeply respect the natural environment where the activity takes place, intensifying this care in protected natural spaces. In the natural environment there should be no traces of its passage through it. It will also respect other groups or people who are in the areas where the activities are developed.

6.- I authorize the capture of my personal image in photographs and videos for commercial use and so that they can deliver or send me a copy.

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