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City bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes y e-bikes


From 36,00 €/day

Mountain bike

 From 26,00 €/day


From 16,00 €/day

Road bike

From 26,00 €/day

We are eXperts, familiar with all the different types of bike and we have a fine variety of brands and styles of bikes at your disposal.

In our facilities you will find anything from city bikes for families and children to professional bikes. Also, we have electric bikes for those who want to enjoy the best landscapes in Oliva, making even the longest routes manageable for everyone.

If you are looking to overcome new challenges, discover new places or just to enjoy a quiet ride with your family, we have the perfect solution.

In addition we can customize your route for your exclusive needs, we can include local restaurants and accommodation in the most authentic places around the area.

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