Tracks and Trails MTB Tours

Would you like to enjoy a wonderful route with Tracks and Trails MTB Tours through the most hidden and beautiful corners of the Central Comarcas?


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Tracks and Trails MTB Tours is a perfect way to get to know the most hidden and beautiful corners of the Central Comarcas, starting from the sea to discover trails, tracks and paths that lead us to inland areas.

An unknown paradise for cyclists and where we had the pleasure of receiving Ismael Ventura or Emil Lindgren, among others.

In addition, Alberto Contador has decided to set here the fate of its Grand Fund and Medium Fund.

  • Tour guiado. / Guided tour.
  • Guía de Tracks And Pedals. / Tracks And Pedals guide.
  • Idiomas Español – Inglés o Español – Noruego. / Languages ​​Spanish – English or Spanish – Norwegian.
  • Reportaje fotográfico. Envío por wetransfer en HD. / Photo report. Shipping by wetransfer in HD.
  • Coffee break en ruta. / Coffee break on route.
  • Seguro de accidentes y RC. / Accident and RC insurance.
  • Alquiler bicicleta MTB gama media Mx 29”. / Bicycle rental MTB medium range Mx 29 ”.
  • Alquiler bicicleta MTB gama Alta Alma 29”. / Mountain bike MTB range Alta Alma 29 ”.
  • Suplementación /Barritas, Geles, Recuperadores) / Supplementation / Bars, Gels, Recuperators)
  • Bidón agua bicicleta. / Water bottle bicycle.
  • Comida típica en restaurantes de cuidada selección. / Typical food in restaurants of careful selection.
    • Pedales disponibles para cala Shimano SPD o plano. / Pedals available for Shimano SPD or flat cove.
    • Kit de reparación y bomba can con el alquiler, en caso de utilización son de cargo directo. / Repair kit and pump can with the rent, in case of use they are of direct charge.
  • Transfer de ningún tipo. / Transfer of any kind.
  • Bebidas y comidas no estipuladas en el programa. (Serán de cargo directo) / Drinks and meals not stipulated in the program. (Will be of direct charge)


  • Culote ciclista. / Cycling shorts.
  • Maillot, camiseta de lycra o algodón. / Maillot, lycra or cotton shirt.
  • Deportivas o zapatillas de mtb o road. / Sports shoes or mtb/road shoes.
  • Gafas de sol. / Sunglasses.
  • Crema solar. / Sunscreen.
  • Bidón de agua. / Water canister
  • Barritas energéticas o pieza de fruta. / Energy bars or piece of fruit.
  • Dinero extra. / Extra money.

Nota: aunque el guía tendrá un botiquín, cada participante deberá llevar lo que considere necesario dependiendo de sus patologías, casos personales, riesgos, etc., lo cual deberá comunicar al guía de forma privada. Para grupos inferiores a 4 personas, consultar precio.

Note: although the guide will have a first aid kit, each participant must take what they consider necessary depending on their pathologies, personal cases, risks, etc., which must be communicated to the guide privately. For groups of less than 4 people, ask for price.

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